Spartan and the team helped me moving this last summer. They were incredible and efficient in their working. They showed up on time performance, with all the required materials to help us finish packing the things. They simply worked hard and got the job done. They were careful with everything and everything they've got, loaded driven 100 miles and delivered all in a day. I would use them again when needed and from this letter it should be clear that I recommend them to my friends.


To Whom It May Concern:

I took the services of Spartan Movers on May 14, 2015 and would like to express their skilled manner in which they handled our move. They were timely and efficient and exposed their skills throughout the duration of services and yet still had a friendly welcome.

I moved my furniture to a third floor apartment in an old house with a very narrow staircase and none of them was damaged while they moving. I would also like to embrace their insightful efforts in handling the terrible weather conditions we faced. There were heavy pouring that day we moved and not a single piece of my furniture was wet or affected by the rain due to their efforts in packing. Mr. David, company's owner; I made quotation and progresses to him and finally about the quote, I was given the price they fixed. There were no "hidden charges" when it came to the final billing.

I believe in their work and fairly sure in suggesting their services to anyone.